Reefs2Go Specials Review

IMG_5195-1-1-A-WMOne of the most common issues facing aquarists seeking to add diversity to their saltwater tanks is that they are often quite limited by the inventory of their local stores. While there are certainly a number of wonderful brick-and-mortar shops out there that specialize in providing a wide selection of saltwater tank options, these shops are not at all common and leave far too many aquarium enthusiasts to sort through the limited options that can be found in the local pet stores that are becoming increasingly corporate in nature.

As many sharp aquarists already know, this has ceased to be as much of an issue since the debut of, a website that enables customers from all over to have access to everything needed for a saltwater tank to thrive and survive. The company regularly ships live fish, corals, invertebrates and more, all while working diligently to ensure that it provides the highest level of care possible.

In fact, takes the care of its “Wet Pets” so seriously that it openly states that its business model is not customer-centered. Instead, its primary concern is with caring for the fish and the other aquatic life it makes available to consumers. Of course, this is not to say that the needs of the customer are ever ignored, as the company has a wonderful customer service reputation within the industry. simply believes that care for the saltwater tank inhabitants it offers should be its paramount concern.

Clearly there is a lot to like about this company and there are endless possibilities for topics of discussion, but the focus of this review is on the specials that the company offers on its site each day. These daily specials include a wide sampling of the various tank inhabitants the company offers through its site, including fish, snails, corals, crabs, plants and more. The daily specials provide consumers with access to some of the most unique options imaginable for additions to a saltwater tank, and these options are made available at rates that are reduced fairly significantly.

Perhaps what is most impressive about the daily specials is the fact that they do not seem to exclude items that are relatively rare or otherwise in demand. There are many distinctive corals available at reduced rates that many aquarists would gladly pay a premium price for. The fact that these in-demand and sometimes-rare corals are frequently found among the site’s daily specials only reinforces the notion that has created a truly unique service for saltwater tank enthusiasts.

Aside from the corals that are frequently included in the section of the site devoted to daily specials, the fish that appear within these specials are often quite eye-catching and are varied enough that a suitable addition to a tank of any size can easily be found at a sharply reduced rate. The specials are not limited in number, as there are upwards of 100 different options available at any given time in this particular section of the site. appears to have such a vast inventory that it is possible to offer an incredibly robust daily specials section.

The price range among the daily specials is quite broad as well, as it is possible to find additions to a saltwater tank that range from just a few dollars to quite a bit more. This is all relative to the initial cost, and the prices for these specials consistently represent a significant reduction from the original price. It is clear that is intent on providing exceptional value to its customers through its standard pricing, so the daily specials truly represent tremendous value that is unlikely to be matched elsewhere. does provide its local customers with the option to pick up their order in person, but it seems that the majority — or at least a large amount — of the orders the company handles are shipped directly to the customer. The company therefore has very solid policies in place to protect the customer from the rare instances in which damage occurs during shipping, and it does a wonderful job providing thorough instructions for care and initial acclimation. The careful manner in which ships its orders is clearly the result of the company’s stated mission to care for their “Wet Pets” above all else, and customers certainly benefit from this level of concern and, of course, from the access to the valuable daily specials the company regularly offers.