Recreational Fishermen Find Plentiful Options in Long Island’s Waterways

With the Long Island Sound to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the south and all of the bodies of water in between, Long Island includes the kind of access to fishing that will make those who have never fished in their lives into a completely devoted angler whose passion will never wane. Rivers and inlets provide easy access to all kinds of interesting and unique fish, while the ocean and the Sound allow fishermen to cast their lines from the shore or to venture out to deeper waters by boat.

As a recreational pursuit, someone like Ken Fisher might enjoy pointing out the many aspects of fishing that can be applied to other pursuits as well. Fishing requires a great deal of patience and provides plenty of time for quiet contemplation, and while some anglers spend that time contemplating the best strategy to catch more fish, others allow their mind to wander into otherwise uncharted territory. However this time is utilized, it is easy to see that it is time well spent even if the fishing does not yield any stripers or blackfish, as time spent in contemplative thought can stimulate creativity and innovation while also providing a sense of calm and clarity as well.

Not only are there plenty of locations for solid fishing, the weather is often tame enough even in winter so that fishing can continue to be enjoyed throughout every season. Certainly there are times when ice appears on the Sound, but these instances are few and far between, and even then, the most dedicated anglers will still find a way to enjoy Long Island’s unique waters. If the weather is too harsh for fishing and anglers still want to experience something that approximates their favorite pastime, it is not uncommon for the most dedicated of fishermen to be seen making their way through the Long Island Aquarium with something of a wistful expression.