Parviz Khosrowyar is An Aquarium Guru

You wouldn’t believe the day I’ve had! Have you ever had a day when you  just thought nothing would go right for once? Just when I thought it was all over and done with from getting home from the office, my aquarium breaks. Of all things to break, it just had to be the thing with living creatures in it! I didn’t know what to do until my husband introduced me to a friend of his from work named Parviz Khosrowyar.

Parviz was the correct answer to the problem with aquarium. What happened this time was my water pump stopped functioning completely and I could tell the aquarium was having problems, but didn’t think it was the pump. Parviz smiled and said, “This is very normal. The need for the pump to be submerged in the water would also happen most times with pumps that are much bigger such as those for swimming pools and fountain pumps”

Over the next few minutes, Mr. Khosrowyar had it up and running. I don’t know exactly what he did, but he sure knows how to fix an aquarium pump and I am just glad my husband suggested his service!