Nick Alsis: Long Island Saltwater Reef Enthusiasts Discuss Microfragmenting Technique

lionfish-711799_960_720The potentially devastating impact of global climate change has been frequently discussed, but there is one particular issue that tends to get very little attention despite the disastrous consequences that could result if nothing is done. As Nick Alsis has pointed out, visitors to the Long Island Aquarium along with saltwater reef aquarium enthusiasts all over the globe are much more likely to be aware of the fact that the world’s coral reefs are disappearing at an accelerating rate as a result of rising ocean temperatures and the ocean’s ongoing acidification.

Awareness is only half the battle in the attempt to restore the 25 to 40 percent of coral reefs lost due to climate change in recent years. Fortunately, researchers have developed a technique called microfragmenting, which makes it possible for corals to grow at a rate that is up to 25 times faster than the normal rate. While there is still significant cause for concern that some of the world’s most important natural wonders will be lost as a result of ocean temperature rise and acidification, the microfragmenting process has brought a greater degree of hope to an issue of unbelievable magnitude.