Long Island Aquarium Continues to Be Potent Source of Inspiration for Kareem Elsirafy

The Long Island Aquarium is home to an impressive diversity of marine life that reflects the similar diversity found in the rivers, inlets and bays found throughout the island, not to mention the Long Island Sound or the Atlantic Ocean. For fish tank enthusiasts like Kareem Elsirafy, there are few better ways to be inspired than to spend a day at the Long Island Aquarium. Following a recent visit, Elsirafy decided to begin exploring the possibility of setting up a new saltwater tank in his home.

With one fairly large tank already set up, Elsirafy became highly motivated to create a new tank that would be an accurate representation of the marine life most commonly found in Long Island’s saltwater environments. Taking advantage of the expertise of the many professionals working at the aquarium, Kareem Elsirafy was able to get a clear sense of how he could go about setting up his ideal saltwater tank. Given the entrepreneur’s incredibly busy schedule, he had to take his time in accomplishing his goal, but the end result was clearly inspired by the Long Island Aquarium’s diligence in accurately representing the unique and diverse marine life of Long Island’s many bodies of water.