John Ross Jesensky: Long Islanders Understand How to Diversify Saltwater Reef Tanks

connecticut-222742_960_720Long Islanders are always considered among the most passionate saltwater reef aquarium enthusiasts around, a fact that is perhaps the result of being surrounded by bodies of water like the Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean, not to mention the many rivers and bays that contribute to the area’s unique appeal. John Ross Jesensky has noticed that Long Islanders are not only passionate about saltwater aquarium care, but they also tend to be quite talented when it comes to creating an enclosed ecosystem in which all of the tank inhabitants are able to thrive on a more or less equal level.

This is something of a rarity, as many tanks suffer from imbalances in the food chain that result in fluctuations in the aquarium environment that favors one type of inhabitant over another. Speaking in a very broad sense, it seems that the saltwater aquarium groups have made it a point to emphasize how to create the ideal balance and then how to ensure that balance is properly maintained in such a way that the needs of all tank inhabitants are thoughtfully considered. According to Jesensky, aquarists all over should follow the example set by Long Islanders and begin working on educating their peers on the most ideal care strategies for a saltwater reef tank.