Brian Speier Freeport Ice Fishing Tips for Winter in Maine

It’s getting cold outside, and you know what that means! The winter fishing season is upon us, and this year we are going to inform you folks of some winter fishing tips to help you stay on your fishing A-game. Ice fishing is a tradition in Maine, and we want to ensure that you’re well prepared for it. I, Brian Speier Freeport, am no stranger to this wonderful time of year, and hope you can all enjoy it too!

It’s going to get cold out there this year, so make sure that you have your winter clothing prepped, and your best fishing gear serviced. Ice will soon cover most the ponds, and so I want to provide some safety tips as well when you’re out there on the pond. Without further ado, here are some tips and information to use this winter when you decide to go fishing!

Ice-In and Ice-Out

Each year in Maine, the ponds and streams freeze over, creating different fishing conditions for us fishermen. One of the most dangerous things you can do is to not cautiously approach your designated fishing spot when you know that icing has occurred. Fortunately, there is a method that you can use to determine if the lake or pond you choose to fish in may be potentially iced.

Ice-in and ice-out is a method used to figure out if the lake has a history of being frozen or not. Ice-in means that the lake has been completely covered in ice, and has a history of icing. Ice-out will be declared if every bit of ice has dissolved from a lake. This guide here will help you determine what is safe and what isn’t when you decide to go fishing. Utilize this fishermen, and stay safe on your trips!

The Right Tools for Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is common practice in main, which means that you want to find the right tools to make the most of the icy spread on the lake. Purchase yourself an ice auger this season, as it allows you to drill holes into the ice and begin fishing right away. As mentioned before, consider the ice-in and ice-out protocol before going fishing, and ensure that the spot you choose is also safe.

Another fantastic tool to invest in is a “tip-up”. This stand will help keep the fishing pole stationary, while you can attend your hands to some hot cocoa or a bottle of beer. If you’re traveling in town, fear not visitors! You can always rent the equipment from local shops as well.


Every year during the winter season, various ice shack villages often host derbies, or competitions for fishermen of all ages. The goal is to catch the biggest fish possible, and people oftentimes compete for prizes! Here is a list of derbies that happen throughout the season. I highly recommend that you look at these, it’s a good time for the competitive soul!

Find the Right Guide

If this is your first time touring the winter wonderlands of Maine in hopes of finding a perfect ice fishing spot, a tour guide may be your best bet. Ice fishing tour guides will provide you with educational information, and various other fun activities such as the art of tracking, skiing, and hunting in the snow. It’s fun for the whole family, and something that you should most definitely consider educating yourself on Maine’s wildlife.

Make the Most of the Winter Season

Maine is unlike any other state out there. Our winters are something else, and the wildlife is abundant during this time, especially the fish. Whether or not you’re a local to the area, or visiting from out of state, consider these tips to help enhance your ice fishing experience. We want to make sure that you’re safe, and entertained at the same time, so be sure to implement all the tips when out in the field. Please feel free to use my website at for your fishing tips! Good luck this season, we hope you catch what you’re looking for out there in the icy waters!